Jimmy Bearden 

Jimmy Bearden and Son Ethan Bearden

      My name is Jimmy Bearden, and I have worked in specialized and expedited shipping for more than ten years. I’ve worked for companies such as Interstar Transportation, J&H Trucking, and Landstar Carrier Group. I’m currently an independent agent for SureWay Transportation Company.

As an agent for SureWay Transportation Company, my main duty is to provide customers in the United States and Canada with logistical solutions designed to meet their specific needs. I connect clients in over a hundred industries with one of the thousands of different shipping providers in the network. I look for the best provider to meet their needs for flexibility and reliability. As a local agent, I have access to all of the resources of SureWay Transportation; as an independent business, I have the drive and motivation to ensure my customer’s success.

In addition to my work with SureWay Transportation, I also manage a number of websites. I’m responsible for branding, advertising, strategy development, SEO, and social media marketing for all of these sites. I design and develop e-commerce solutions for new online businesses and work with entrepreneurs, professionals, event planners, and others to establish their online presence and increase their site traffic.
Whether it is a website, a social media strategy, or training in using online tools, I’m adept at creating custom solutions for businesses in all industries and of all sizes. I’ve also worked in marketing, accounts, sales, and management. I bring all of the skills I’ve acquired in these industries contribute to my professional online work.